Sealing the cells ensures the foam will not absorb moisture.

Smartop Spa Cover is manufactured to the highest quality standards with a goal of providing an aesthetically pleasing, long-lasting hot tub cover unlike any other in the market.

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Generally, you can repair a hot tub cover if the damage is not extensive. No matter where you decide to put your Dream Maker spa however, you will still need a durable spa cover to go on top of it. I was just thinking of using two sheets of tongue and groove pressure treated plywood and replace the surrounding edge boards with nice cedar boards.

Virgin Foam (or EPS) is a closed cell foam that does not absorb moisture.

Seal the edges of the plywood real good. . Leave your cover fully open for at least 30 minutes after shocking your hot tub.

. Sometimes hot tub covers are simply beyond repair.

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Need an electrician to unpack an outdoor hot tub and install it. ).

for 50$ in materials let's see what happens! I will do a follow-up video in a few months to assess the longevity of the repair. Virgin Foam (or EPS) is a closed cell foam that does not absorb moisture.

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After you shock the hot tub, strong chemical vapours are released that can harm the underside of the cover.



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. Covers require regular maintenance and should be inspected yearly for wear and to ensure a tight seal. This makes the total installation costs for an in-ground unit around $5,800 to $7,000. Contact us online, or give us a call!. . Hot tub repair costs $100 to $500 for basic repairs such as fixing a leak or replacing a filter.


5″ taper hot tub cover is designed to keep debris out of your hot tub while also lowering your running costs. Sundance Spas Caprio.

Custom-built to your specifications.

For over 25 years, our family-owned business has custom designed perfect-fitting.

You can replace just the foam pieces, and not the entire spa cover - should you? Free Shipping and more for.

With our 100% satisfaction guarantee you can be confident in replacing your spa cover with MySpaCover.

If you notice that the cover is waterlogged, let it completely dry and fix the area that is damaged.