Auckland Airport AKL Transfers and Shuttle Services.

The Domestic and International terminals are in different locations at.

Terminal 3 – E, F & F/G. Your app will confirm those location (s) when they’re required by the airport.


the ride from Auckland Airport to Eden Terrace cost $106.

Collect your luggage from baggage claim and be ready to step outside before requesting a ride. . The airport may issue fines to any drivers who complete unauthorised pick-ups.

There will be an exit to the right of McDonald’s And this will be where you wait for your Uber pick up.

Indicative fares from the airport into the city is between NZ$38 – NZ$90 one-way for a taxi and shuttles ($35 for one person plus $8 for each extra person together in the same group). Depending on your time of day Uber prices will surge but when you are ready to leave go into the app and through the process of booking it will give you a minimum and maximum cost, you can decide then. Skip the stress of hiring a taxi or waiting for public transportation.

The Wait Zone helps make pick ups a lot easier, located just minutes from both terminals. Uber are now officially allowed at the International terminal (if licensed and paying the $5 per pick-up fee), but they are only supposed to pick up from the West end, immediately outside the Arrivals Hall near McDonalds.


Notify your driver of the airlines and preferably the terminal upon entering the airport premises.

Once you walk out of Customs area, head to the left and walk toward McDonald’s. .

And most people do tip their Mangere, Auckland taxi driver. Get food, from $ {category1} to $ {category2}, from some of the best restaurants in Auckland.

International pick up and drop off zone is accessible to all public.
Each Domestic Terminal has a corresponding pickup area in the garage core as follows: Terminal 1 – A/B & B.

Ask for uber to come and pick you up from international passenger pick up and or drop of zone.

88 out of 5 stars, on par with.

InterCity also services this route 5 times a week. . Cheers for the savings Pakn’ Save Hendo.

20 fee for all pickups and this fee will be. Rideshare Pickup/Dropoff Instructions for Auckland International Airport. These enclosed taxi stands are for permit taxi holders only. InterCity Link operates a bus from Auckland International Airport to Auckland - Central 6 times a week. Rideshare Pickup/Dropoff Instructions for Auckland International Airport.

The most common taxi or Uber trip in Auckland is going between the airport and the CBD.

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Sydney Airport pickup locations vary on your terminal of arrival and the type of rideshare you’re after.

This includes the airport pickup tariffs etc.